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How Pakistan was created

Founder of Pakistan

Today we will talk about a country which was separated from British rule 71 years back. It was Bharat who was being given independence but there were some people who were against this separation. In fact, they were convincing people for independence from Bharat “India” which was about to be independent. It was difficult for […]

People who are being positive during this Pandemic

support covid patients

The world we live in has faced wars, conflicts, and pandemics before also, but we are new to it as we have not faced any. In such an air of epidemic, every brain has a question about whether he/she can do something. The short answer is___Yes, and the long answer with examples is below. The […]

During the COVID-19 outbreak

Beautiful people

Disappointment The planet, Earth suffers from COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) outbreak since last year’s December and this has spread disappointments almost in every corner of it. Smiles have faded away, mourns are on rising, and confusion has surrounded many.  But in such a huge number of disappointments, people have not noticed the positive stories since […]

Coronavirus in Most effected Countries

Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan

Some Relief For those, who have become fed up from all the bad news around since the outbreak of the contagion. COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is an extremely common word in the news today. Almost every news medium and social media are flooded with bad news. But there is not everything bad in the world […]