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The planet, Earth suffers from COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) outbreak since last year’s December and this has spread disappointments almost in every corner of it. Smiles have faded away, mourns are on rising, and confusion has surrounded many.  But in such a huge number of disappointments, people have not noticed the positive stories since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Read about some Beautiful people which are doing positive things in this Covid-19 Pandemic


Sky News reports that the first trials of the COVID-19 vaccine on men are underway. It is developed by the scientists of Oxford University and there are 80 percent chances of success.

Tomorrow land

The world with or without COVID-19 was moving toward an online world. Almost everything was digitalized or was in the way to be digitalized. Due to COVID-19, we are in the Tomorrow land. As what was needed to be done tomorrow is done today, studies are online.

Safer Atmosphere

Over the age of 50, people were not fit often due to the polluted air. The lockdown for a few months has transformed the world. The Himalayas have been visible after decades, the ozone layer is recovering real fast and New York has seen a full rainbow after many years.

Humanity takes a sigh of relief

People in every corner of the globe are donating money for those who cannot afford their necessities. Let it be JDC of Karachi, Pakistan, Apple of America, or Telenor of Norway. In terms of people, Lady Gaga and Leonardo Dicaprio including many others across the globe have joined hands with such organizations to support the weak in such an air of pandemic.

Astonishing Recoveries

Since day one of the outbreak, it is whispered that the elderly people are in more danger than those who are under 50 years of age. But the recoveries of William Lepschie (American), aged 104, an Italian woman aged 102, and an Iranian woman aged 103 are astonishing.

Pharmaceutical Bond Tightens

It is well understood that pharmaceutical companies have cut-throat competition, but during this epidemic, many of them have started working together. For instance, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) has started making collective efforts with Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd., University of Queensland, Clover Biopharmaceuticals, and, Sanofi for combatting with the Novel Coronavirus.

Ray of Hope

China was the first state which became a victim of this contagion and its reopening is great hope. Beijing, the capital city has almost been reopened with few of its train stations, the Great Wall of China is going to be opened for the tourists soon and China has also started moving towards the normal life after months of lockdown. This gives strong hopes regarding getting back our normal lives.

Natural Life is Alive

Outing, driving, hoteling, eating in restaurants and shopping like stuff are all artificial, which have been stopped. But the natural life is still alive. Rains haven’t stopped, flowers are still giving fragrance, and water still tastes the same.

Alcohol: from a drug to a sanitizer

Last but not the least, many alcohol making companies are making hand sanitizers during this COVID-19 outbreak. Their approach has lessened the alcohol making, causing a decrease in drinking. It is a positive step toward health and conscience

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