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Some Relief

For those, who have become fed up from all the bad news around since the outbreak of the contagion.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is an extremely common word in the news today. Almost every news medium and social media are flooded with bad news. But there is not everything bad in the world on account of this contagion. Here is how;

Gate’s Foundation donates a chunk

Bill Gates, the philanthropist, and founder of the Microsoft Corporation said that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed $250 million to counter the pandemic. Also, the Financial Times has reported that the foundation will focus all its resources on fighting the virus.

Spain fights back

Spain’s death toll dropped below 300 since mid-March. Children in Spain were allowed to do exercises after weeks of lockdown. The adults are also likely to be permitted. Besides, the Spanish government is also considering the recommendations for opening the offices.

Italy recovers

Italy reaches the lowest death toll of 260 since mid-March. Thousands of people recovered in only two days of this weekend. The people of Italy are likely to continue living with corona until they get a vaccine. Soon the country will go toward the smart lockdown.

France looks to ease the lock down

France also follows its European COVID-hit fellows to ease down the lockdown as she sees a decline in the cases. The response from the French citizens was positive throughout the lockdown, consequently witnessing the lowest death toll of 272 on Sunday since early March. France is also likely to open offices and other organizations in the coming weeks.


The United States of America is the most hit country since the outbreak of the contagion so far. She has also noticed a decline of 6,000 deaths last week. The president of the country has also indicated the reopening of the business sectors and others with a very strong reopening plan.

Africa sails on hope

Despite being hit by the deadly virus, the infection rate in Africa is 30 times lower than America. Almost, the entire continent bears a damaged health structure. The officials also cannot feed everyone in case of an increase in the epidemic, but this drastic low in number is a piece of good news from a deprived region of the globe.

Middle East

The sharp decline has been noticed in the clashes in the war-torn Middle East since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, as the international community faces a common enemy. The death rate has seen a great decrease in many countries in the region. For instance, the Idlib governorate of Syria witnessed only 103 deaths last month, lowest since 2011. 

Another step toward the vaccine

The sixth COVID-19 vaccine enters the first phase of the clinical trials. This raises the hope of getting a vaccine against the Novel Coronavirus and getting one million doses ready by September this year, by Oxford University.


Though the smiles are half-hearted, at least there is something to sense the hope. The world-known once, may not return the same way, but it must not weaken us. Things that are good around, need to be noticed for strengthening the hopes, as until the innovation of a vaccine, the war against COVID-19 is all dependent on nerves.

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