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Today we will talk about a country which was separated from British rule 71 years back. It was Bharat who was being given independence but there were some people who were against this separation. In fact, they were convincing people for independence from Bharat “India” which was about to be independent. It was difficult for people to understand what they want.

Allama iqbal role in creation of pakistan

Allama Iqbal who was the first person to start writing on a separate country and the reason was that More than half of Bharat had the Muslim population and others were Hindus. Only He was looking at the future and warning people that you cannot live with Hindus, they do not like you because Muslims have ruled on them for 100 years and now they want to take revenge from Muslims. After separation, they will make Muslim minorities and they will not give rights to the Muslim community. When Allama Iqbal realized that Muslims will not be able to live under Hindus majority, Allama Iqbal started writing frequently and at the same time

Allama Iqbal wrote a letter to Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was before the member of the Muslim League which was the party of Muslim members and working for the rights of Muslims. Muhammad Ali Jinnah stood for the rights of Muslims but in the meanwhile, he realized that after Independence Muslims will not be given rights based on equality.

So he started warning Muslim league members not to support one nation theory which was “one Country with 2 religions having huge population“. No one was in support of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In 1940, Jinnah came to believe that Muslims of the Indian subcontinent should have their own state. In that year, the Muslim League, led by Jinnah, passed the Lahore Resolution, demanding a separate nation. During the Second World War, the League extended strength while leaders of the Congress were caged, and in the elections held shortly after the war, it even won most of the seats reserved for Muslims. Eventually, the Congress and Muslim League could not reach a power-sharing formula for the subcontinent, to be united as a single state, this was the time when both parties realized that Muslims will not able to get their rights if they will not be given seats in government bodies. All the parties agreed to the independence of a primarily Hindu India, and for a Muslim-majority state of Pakistan.

Independence of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first governor-general of Karachi after the Independence of Pakistan. He worked very hard to establish the new government and policies, and to aid the millions of Muslim migrants who migrated from the new nation of India to Pakistan after independence, he personally established camps for migrants for Aid and Supervised all the activities. Muhammad Ali Jinnah died at the age of 71 in 1948. People of Pakistan named Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quid e Azam. The Founder of Pakistan.

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