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How the world is going to change as per conspiracy theorists and economy expert?

          The conspiracy theories can be very harmful to society, as these influence people and cause mistrust among them. The spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) has also given rise to conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theorists and the experts of the economy are on a point of view that the world is going to be changed due to the rise of COVID-19.

Conspiracy theorist point of view

Biological Weapon

            Chinese theorists claimed early on that COVID-19 is a biological weapon used against her and it is manufactured by the United States. They claim that China was surpassing American economic might and this was never bearable for the United States at any price. Even many theorists term COVID-19 as the biological versionof Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

            Since day one, US and China are blaming each other for this deadly virus. Chinese blame it discussed in the preceding paragraph, whereas America claims China for the spread of the contagion as Chinese eat almost every seafood and this virus is most probably coming from an animal to man. Even the US president demands to replace the name COVID-19 with the Chinese Virus.


            Conspiracy theorists from other Western countries are also blaming China for the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. The COVID-19 also raises the xenophobia in the world. The situation will be more critical in the future among many states.

Severe Consequences

            Conspiracy theories can be very harmful to society. It not only influences people’s health choices but also influences people’s psyche regarding others and increase hostility and violence towards those who are perceived to be conspiring.

Economic experts point of views

Approach for a better system

            The economic experts are on a point of view that Capitalism will become under a critical situation due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the rising economic crisis. The economic recession and depression may result shortly, which will be challenging for the current economic system. The world may approach a better economic system to counter such a crisis in the future.

Increase in dependency

            The COVID-19 may collapse the world’s developing economies, which might raise economic dependency. Foreign aid politics will dominate world politics and US will likely emerge weaker than now.

Globalization failures

            The epidemic gives anti-globalization sentiments in the world. The borders restrictions, interrupting trade flow, xenophobia and MNCs restrictions can be the decline for globalization, as per economy experts.

Global economic crisis

            The COVID-19 is already impacting global markets, around half of the world’s population is in lockdown, industries are closed and world trade is badly affected. According to a UN report, a $2 trillion shortfall in a global economy is recorded since the COVID-19 outbreak. This critical situation may lead the world towards economic recession or depression in the near future.

Unemployment rate

            Economists also predict that the epidemic will also heighten the unemployment rate due to closed industries. The situation will cause hundreds of millions of people around the world go out of work.


The United Nations and WHO are facing the world’s toughest and most critical situation to counter the pandemic. Though the words of conspiracy theorists and economists are not pleasing to be heard, undoubtedly, the situation is alarming.

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