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Naran kaghan is the best tourism spot of Northern Areas for Pakistan for the people of Punjab and other Provinces like KPK and Sindh, after Murree. It is almost Eight to Nine hours’ drive from Islamabad but because of the mesmerizing View of Mountain covered with white and black snow from Naran village area makes people so motivated for this much drive. 

They feel that before getting any satisfaction you need to go through some dis satisfactions and that is okay for this much output they get after reaching Naran kaghan and to further points like Lalazar, Lulusar lake and Babusar Top. Which is 2 hours drive from Naran bazar. 

This is the best place for Honeymoon Tours. One can visit Naran Kaghan on any vehicle but Jeeps would be a better option for Enjoying beautiful weather and Fresh Air coming from Mountains. Naran kaghan can be visited in 2 days if someone has limited Holidays but it cannot be explored properly in 2 days. More than 2 days would be better for visiting Spots near to Naran kaghan. 

Although People who want to visit Naran kaghan has 3.5 to 4 months season in every year because in the other months this place is covered with 8 feet to more than 8 meters so you can visit this place from June to almost mid of September. This place was always open 3 years back, but newly elected KPK Government started to close this place for the safety of tourists so that they can know when it is safe to visit this beautiful place Naran kaghan, So they issue notice on Opening and Closing of this place officially. 

People who wants to visit this place has many other options of Northern Areas to spend and enjoy their Vacations but they prefer to visit Naran kaghan and Saifulmalook because it is the most famous place among people of Pakistan and it is easy to access as well. Northern Areas of Pakistan is among the most cheap tourist spots of World but International media has made it almost impossible for their people to even think of visiting Pakistan because they have pot-raid Pakistan as a destabilized state and foreigners think this place is dangerous for them but facts are opposite because Pakistan is becoming worlds fast growing economy in next 10 years.

Pakistan has four weathers, one area has different weather in same month and the other would have different weather so you can visit or stay at different places in one month as you like. I recommend foreign people, who travel to different countries and planning to travel in coming years, never ever leave Pakistan from your list, in fact place it at 1st priority. The people of Pakistan are very generous and hospitality is on Top especially when foreigners visit this country. They will get the best services in a very low price. 

I recommend Tourists around the world to visit Northern Areas of Pakistan in 2020 if they want to explore beautiful sights plus best hospitality. The people of Pakistan are that much generous that they even offer free food when they come to know that you are here to explore their country. Feel free to visit Pakistan and let us know at if you find any difficulty in planning your tour. We will guide you the best spots, Hotels, Transport and Areas where you will experience your best tour of your life. Stay blessed

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