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KartarPur Corridor is a corridor that is a visa-free crossing of the border. This corridor connects the Gurdwara Darbar that is present in Pakistan to India’s border. Pakistan allows India’s Sikhs to come to the gurdwara. They come through crossing the border without a visa. On the opposite side, the Sikh of Pakistan does not allow to cross India’s border without India’s visa. It is one of the great Honeymoon tours-trips for the Sikh community. Subsequently, they become more close to their culture as well.

In 1999, Nawaz Sharif and Atal Bihari Vajpayee established the corridor. This corridor was accomplished on 12 November 2019. The prime minister inaugurates the KartarPur corridor. He believes that this road leads the prosperity for everyone. Accordingly, the Family Tours trips recommend this place for vacation trips.

Design of Gurudwara complex:

The complex of the gurudwara is near the KartarPur corridor. This complex has international standard hotels with numerous apartments. There are two commercial areas with two car parking.

The best tour operators provide the border facility area with the power grid station. The government of Pakistan provided 400 acres of land for the making of this complex. Many group tours like this place for visiting. The Gurudwara complex gives the tours to more enjoy when visiting the KartarPur corridor.


The construction of the corridor was established in November 2018. Pakistan constructed 4.7 kilometers of the expressway. Therefore, the travelling to corridor becomes easier. The 1st part of the KartarPur corridor’s construction was completed in 2019.


Security concerns and propaganda:

India claimed that they saw the terrorist near the KartarPur corridor. Pakistan’s foreign office inquired about the whole matter. As a result, they claimed it as baseless propaganda. Pakistan ensures the safe-crossing of the Sikh to the KartarPur corridor. Hence, the place is safe for a couple of tours.

The registration process of KartarPur Corridor:

This corridor is a visa-free crossing of the border. It only requires an ETA document. Below-all is the main important conditions of traveling to KartarPur Corridor.

1. The KartarPur corridor is only for Indian citizens. Pakistani citizens do not allow to travel.

2. All ages of persons can apply in the registration form. There is no limitation on the age limit. Therefore, children, as well as old-aged people, can easily apply.

3. Anyone can also apply for the registration form for the second visit. The only limit is a gap of 15 days of first-time traveling.

4. Anyone can do the process of registration online.

Importance of KartarPur Corridor:

The corridor is a unique experiment of crossing the border between India & Pakistan. According to the Sikh, they claim that Guru Nanak brings all the religions closer. One of the special episodes on Hindi TV shows the value of KartarPur Sahib Corridor. This corridor helps in maintaining the peace between India & Pakistan.

All the people from India and Pakistan praised this project. This corridor project brings both nations a little closer. Lastly, it is with the best facilities including free WiFi service. This free visa KartarPur corridor is the best place for the tour of the Sikh religion.

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