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How to improve your health with Natural Food

fitness foods

HEALTHY DIET PLAN is not about staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the food you love. It’s about feeling good, improving your health, and boosting your mood. A healthy diet is necessary for health and nutrition. A healthy diet comprises a combination of different kinds of food. These include: Staples (wheat, barley, rye, maize […]

Sikh Gurdwara- 130 Sikh Pilgrimage Sites in Pakistan Which they can Visit Now

Baba Guru Nanak

Discovering remaining Sikh Gurdwaras in Pakistan is a feat equal to finding Rosetta stone – but I manage somehow by bribing and cajoling authorities. It is hard because the old Gurdwara is dead center of bustling bazaars and narrow lanes, with suspicious neighbors more interested in finding out my background rather than telling me how […]

Exploring Heritage Sites near Lahore Fort

Anarkali Tomb

There is plenty of heritage, culture, and history outside Lahore Fort and Old Walled City. Lahore was the twin-seat of power of the Mughal Empire in India, besides Agra. Mughal Akbar built the massive Lahore Fort in 1526 AD to keep the legacy of Mughals intact for centuries to come – and he did. Where […]

4 Best Desi Food Streets in Lahore

Since I have lived in Pakistan all my life, I can’t enjoy my breakfast without a desi touch, exactly the way they make it in these Best Desi food Streets in Lahore. Also, see Best Barbecue in Rawalpindi Top Restaurants in Islamabad The location of the Best Desi Food Streets in Lahore Gawalmandi Food Street, […]

Best Tour Travel companies in Pakistan

best travel tour packages

There are numerous tour companies in Pakistan. All of the great companies are the most suitable for visiting nationally and internationally. These companies are great for family tours trips as well as group tours. Here, you will know the best tour companies that are a great option to choose from. The best Tour Operators provide […]

Pakistan China Economic Corridor and Its Significance

gwadar port

Gwadar the next economic hub Gwadar Port is a deep-sea port. It is one of the largest ports and is present in the Arabian Sea. It uses for the supply & import requirements. Likewise, in many harbors of Pakistan, the Gwadar port is the best for the economic hub. The Gwadar port is in at […]

Margalla Hills Islamabad is the best for Hiking and Adventure

Now that I have about completed all six (1–6) numbered Hiking trails on Margalla Hills Islamabad, I can safely say, Trail 1 is the best of them all. Trails 1 starts at E-8 Sector in front of National Defense University and ends at Talhar Village. The total Time to complete Trail 1 is 4.5 h […]


Travel from Pakistan

This list of mine includes only the countries with both best and also the cheapest travel and tourism destinations from Pakistan.  I have not included the countries that have the lowest-costing to travel from Pakistan, like Vietnam, Cambodia, or Kazakhstan. By far the best and the cheapest travel destinations and countries to visit from Pakistan […]