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Pakistan is a great country due to the natural beauty. It has a unique combination of mountain peaks, and green landscapes, etc. The archaeological sites enhance the true beauty of it. If you want the ultimate adventure destination, then Pakistan is the best place.

 But unfortunately, many western tourists have not visited this country. It is due to political instability or any security problem. Now, Pakistan has improved the security system with political stability. As a result, the country ensures the best traveling of tourist from all over the world.

Pakistan is the best place to visit:

Pakistan is a beautiful country. It has 108 mountain peaks of more than above 7,000 meters. The scenery of the mountain in this country is stunning.

Best travel destinations of Pakistan in 2021:

Pakistan is an ideal place for traveling. All the cities have unique destinations for traveling. Following are some main best travel destinations of Pakistan in 2021:

1. Lahore:

The old city of Lahore is the centre of destination for tourists. It is famous for the historical sites, foods, shopping places, etc. Lahore provides endless options for foodies. There is a famous Food Street on MM Alam Road that provides the great taste of food.

If anyone is a history lover, then Lahore Fort is the best option. Similarly, Badshahi Mosque is a fantastic place for tourists. There are numerous other places, including Shalimar Gardens, Minar-e-Pakistan, etc.

2. Naltar Valley, Gilgit:

The Natart Valley is one of the beautiful valleys in Gilgit. It is a remote valley that is famous for the serene atmosphere. It is with the snow-capped peaks & landscapes. The lakes in this valley also enhance its beauty.

It turns into a skiing mecca in winter. This place attracts skiers from the whole world every year.

3. Hunza:

The people of Hunza are helpful and hospitable. Hunza consists of numerous stunning villages. Besides, it contains orchards, glaciers, meadows, etc. This valley has a small village, i.e., Duikar. This village provides a hypnotic sunset view. The Karimabad is the primary center of Hunza that consists of many hotels and shops.

4. Skardu:

Skardu has various beautiful lakes, mountains, and also generous people. You will enjoy the view of the sunrise & sunset there. It has a Kharpocho fort. This fort is 600 years old that attracts historical tourists. Skardu has Deosai National Park. These two places are the best for visiting.

5. Islamabad:

Islamabad is the capital city and also considers a romantic city. If you want a sightseeing place for relaxation, then this city is the right choice. It is with the beautiful roads and highways. Its environment is clean.

Here, you will see the sites of the country’s cultural heritage, such as the Faisal Mosque. Further, it has Lok Virsa Museum. The Margalla Hills are the perfect spot for hiking. The Monal restaurant is very famous for its beauty and top position on the hill. Moreover, the majority of the tourists like Lake View Park & Shakarparian.

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