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Witness the Beauty of Hunza’s Cherry Blossoms – 7-Day Romantic Getaway for Couples with TourMyPakistan

Hunza Valley , Pakistan

Witness the Beauty of Hunza’s Cherry Blossoms – 7-Day Romantic Getaway for Couples with TourMyPakistan

Duration :   7 Days 6 Nights
The Price :    175,000
Max People :    2
Start Location:   Islamabad
Age Range :   18-50
Total Seats :  20/20
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Escape to the enchanting Hunza Valley during the breathtaking cherry blossom season with our exclusive 7-day, 6-night Cherry Blossom Tour, priced at just 175,000 PKR for couples. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing charm of Hunza’s cherry blossoms while enjoying the following benefits:

Tour Highlights:

  • Private Toyota GLI Car: Experience the journey in the comfort of your private Toyota GLI with a dedicated driver and fuel provided throughout your adventure.
  • Delightful Dining: Savor a romantic dinner for couples on all six nights of your stay, with a delectable chicken dish included in every meal.
  • Seamless Travel: We’ve got the logistics covered, including toll taxes, ensuring a hassle-free journey through the stunning landscapes of Hunza.
  • Hotel Stay: Enjoy a 6-night stay in well-reputed family hotels, offering cozy and comfortable accommodations, complete with running water and backup light connections.
  • Driver’s Expenses: We’ve got your driver’s expenses covered, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey without any added costs.
  • Jeep Ride to Naltar Valley: Venture into the scenic beauty of Naltar Valley with an exciting jeep ride, creating unforgettable memories.
  • Historical Exploration: Dive into the rich history of Hunza with entry tickets to Altit Fort and Baltit Fort, allowing you to discover the cultural heritage of the region.
  • Breakfast for Two: Start each day with a hearty breakfast for you and your partner, ensuring you’re fueled up for your daily adventures.

This romantic cherry blossom tour is your gateway to a world of natural beauty and cultural richness. Let TourMyPakistan pamper you and your loved one, providing an enchanting escape that will create cherished memories and deepen your bond. Book your tour today and embark on a journey of elegance, adventure, and unforgettable togetherness amidst the enchanting cherry blossoms of Hunza Valley.

Schedule Details

Day 1

So folks, starting Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour at 08 am from Islamabad or Rawalpindi from your location and move towards Motorway, OUR Most journey shall be Islamabad to Hazara Motorway. Furthermore, we would go from Balakot towards Besham. It is pertinent to know that Abbottabad to Thakot’s new motorway is now ready to use. Offering magical views in the mountain region of Mansehra. Moreover, our journey shall only take 05 Hours with easy Driving. Furthermore, we shall have a bit of Stopover in Balakot before leaving for Chilas that is our ultimate destination. Most Probably it would take near 11 hours to Reach Hotel in Chilas Valley.

Day 2

After a Long but exciting first day, we resume our Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour from Chilas. Interestingly, sightseeing starts after travel of a few minutes only to gaze at mighty Nangaparbat which happens to be the 9th highest peak of the world. Furthermore, small stopover at 3 mountain ranges meeting Point. Moreover, upon travelling Hunza Gilgit Road, we reach Nagar Valley and check in Hotel in Nagar

Day 3

Today is the day of adventure, we shall Visit Naltar Valley. As you all know, Naltar Valley is the most greenish part of Gilgit Baltistan. Although, its 4×4 Jeep Adventure offers the most spectacular views, its 2.5 Hours Jeep Ride from Nomal to the main Lake in Naltar Valley. We shall retreat to the Hotel in the evening.

Day 4

Moving from Nagar Valley to Hunza is a delightful Journey. Having Nagar & Hunza Valley in Cherry Blossom tour is a startling Combo. However, we are not skipping Cultural hotspots in Karimabad. To see Forts we would check in Hotel in famous Karimabad. Visit Altit & Baltit Forts the same day to make our journey even more exciting.

Day 5

When to Visit Famous Attabad Lake? well yes! we are visiting it today. Cherry Blossom does not refrain you from visiting Gulmit, passu Cons & Attabad Lake. Most importantly, we shall have a boat ride in the lake inclusive of Hunza Tour Packages. Furthermore, Husseini Bridge is making headlines as one of the most dangerous hanging bridges. Full-Day Journey from Hotel to SOST & Back to Hotel in the evening.

Day 6

Today, we will have a tiresome day, as we would start moving back from the land of Cherry Blossom in Hunza Valley. After Yummy Breakfast, we aim to leave the hotel by 8.30 am sharp traveling parallel to Rakaposhi Peak 7700 meter high, up & handsome as they say for one final gaze at its glamorous Beauty. Most Noteworthy, the Karakorum highway offers some robust landscape on way. It is pertinent to say that, the road is bumpy as well as scary in few areas but still its must-have adventure. However, the landscape keeps on change and we reach Besham Valley in the evening after 12 HOurs Journey.

Day 7

Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour is coming to an end. As you know, we have by now see some of the scintillating landscape of Hunza with towering peaks. The outstanding hospitality of Hunza & Nagar Valley in Cherry Blossom shall be a memory of a lifetime. Today after having breakfast, we would depart for Islamabad via Motorway, overlooking green meadows. We would reach in 6 hOurs and drop to any desired location in Islamabad for the end of the exciting tour.


When is the best time to witness the cherry blossoms in Hunza Valley?

The cherry blossom season in Hunza Valley typically occurs in early to mid-April. However, the exact timing can vary from year to year based on weather conditions. It's advisable to stay updated on the blossom's status before planning your visit.

What are the most popular locations for cherry blossom viewing in Hunza Valley?

Some of the best locations to view cherry blossoms in Hunza Valley include Karimabad, Aliabad, and the surrounding areas. You'll find cherry blossom trees lining the streets and framing the stunning landscapes of the region.

Are there any specific activities or festivals during the cherry blossom season in Hunza Valley?

While there may not be specific festivals, the cherry blossom season in Hunza is a time of celebration and joy for locals and tourists alike. Many people visit to witness the beauty of the blossoms and enjoy the serene atmosphere. It's an excellent time for photography, nature walks, and cultural experiences in the region.


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