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TourMyPakistan: Economical 6 Days Skardu Exploration

Skardu Valley , Pakistan

TourMyPakistan: Economical 6 Days Skardu Exploration

Duration :   6 Days
The Price :    170,000
Max People :    2
Start Location:   Islamabad
Age Range :   18-50
Total Seats :  2/2
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Price: PKR 170000 per couple

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Skardu without breaking the bank? TourMyPakistan invites you to join our budget-friendly 6-day Skardu tour, designed to help you explore the natural beauty, culture, and history of this captivating region while keeping your wallet happy.

Journey to Skardu

  • Your adventure begins as you set out on a comfortable journey to Skardu, either by road or air, as per your preference.

Arrival in Skardu

  • On arrival in Skardu, be prepared to be captivated by the stunning landscapes and our warm welcome.
  • Check in to your comfortable accommodation, where you’ll spend the night.

Start Your Skardu Exploration

  • Begin your day with a delicious breakfast amidst the serene surroundings of Skardu.
  • Set off for a day of exploration, visiting local attractions, cultural sites, and immersing yourself in the beautiful landscapes.
  • Delve into the rich history of the region as you explore historic sites and savor local cuisine.

Continue Your Discoveries

  • Your adventure continues with another day of exploration and discovery.
  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Skardu, capturing memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

Free Time or Optional Activities

  • This day is yours to enjoy at your own pace. You can relax at your hotel, go shopping, or opt for additional activities of your choice.

Farewell to Skardu

  • Savor your final breakfast in Skardu as you prepare to bid farewell to this enchanting destination.
  • Return to your point of origin, cherishing the memories and experiences of your 6-day Skardu journey.

Tour Inclusions:

  • A dedicated driver to guide you through the journey and provide local insights.
  • A dedicated GLI car with fuel and road taxes fully covered for your convenience.
  • Five nights of comfortable hotel accommodation.
  • An exhilarating jeep ride to Deosai National Park, where you can revel in the picturesque landscapes.
  • Breakfast for the couple to fuel your days of exploration.
  • Driver’s food and accommodation expenses covered, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey.
  • Entry tickets to Khaplu and Shiger Forts, allowing you to explore the rich history of these landmarks.

Book Your Budget-Friendly Skardu Adventure:

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Skardu affordably and with ease. Contact TourMyPakistan today to reserve your spot on this 6-day tour and embark on a journey that will introduce you to the beauty and culture of Skardu without straining your budget.

Schedule Details

Day 1
 We will leave your pick-up location earlier from Rawalpindi or Islamabad. We drive to HassanAbdal, after reaching Mansehra Abbottabad as our first stop. After a short visit to Mansehra, we will move to Besham, then to Dassu, and finally, we will arrive at Chilas in the evening. Check-in Hotel for a night’s stay.  
Day 2
After having breakfast at the  hotel we will move to Jaglot and then from Jaglot to Gilgit Skardu Road. We will reach the Khachura district 30 kilometers before the central city of Skardu. We will be staying at Lake Kachura (the famous Lake Shangri-La). Depending on the package provided, various hotels are available.
Day 3
So let’s start the 3rd day of the Skardu Trip. We will first visit Upper Kachura Lake, only a 20-minute walk from Lake Shangri-La (Lower Kachura), and spend an hour there. We visit Shigar Valley as Shigar Fort is very famous due to the Royal Family Palace. Cold Desert is one of the major attractions in Shigar Valley, back to Main City.
Day 4
We will have breakfast at the hotel before visiting Deosai National Park. It is the second-highest plateau in the world and is a favorite of many tourists. We will visit Pani, Bada Pani, and Sheoshar Lake, the Deosai National Park activity center. Full-day tour and return to Skardu at night.
Day 5
Breakfast, a departure from Skardu to Chilas, overnight in 8-10 hours. Overnight in Chilas.
Day 6
oday is the last day of our trip. We will have breakfast at  Hotel before heading to Rawalpindi Islamabad via Besham or Naran Valley if Babusar Top is open. 


What clothing should I pack for my Skardu trip?
Depending on the time of your visit, pack both warm and lightweight clothing. In summer, bring comfortable clothes, but also pack warm clothing, as evenings can be chilly. In the colder months, pack heavy winter attire.
Is there any local culture or etiquette I should be aware of?
The people of Skardu are warm and welcoming. It's customary to greet with a smile and show respect for local customs and traditions. Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites.
Are there facilities for cash withdrawal and internet access in Skardu?
Skardu has limited ATM facilities, so it's advisable to carry enough cash. Internet access may be available in hotels and cafes, but don't expect high-speed connections.


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