Swat Valley tour Packages

Swat Valley Tour Packages

Swat is the Swizerland of Pakistan

Swat is a district in Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Swat city is renowned for its enchanting beauty. It is placed upon the upper portion of the Swat river. Once, Swat was the major center of Buddhist thinkers but now the valley is littered with ruins. If you come across Pakistan, you will know the real beauty of it.

Top most famous tourism destination at Swat valley are:

Kalam valley:

The Kalam valley which is the foremost place to visit at Swat is Kaghan valley located at the distance of 90 km from Swat city. The whole valley is encircled with the fluvial river of Swat. It attracts millions of travelers to its lap. Places to visit at Kalam are Usho, Gabral, Utror, and Matiltan. You can do fishing, boating, riding and hiking at the spectacular mountains of Kalam.


is also the most preferable hill station to visit at Swat city. The station is famous for its mouthwatering trout fish and lavishing food serves at the 4-star hotels. Just as similar to Kalam


comes across the best hill stations of Pakistan with the tempting viewpoints. You can do camping near Daral and Sadgai lakes. The temperature at Bahrain gets warm in the moths of June and July. But is worth watching the place.

Despite its beautiful vacation spots, you can also see the old Mazars at Swat valley.

Saidu Sharif:

is an administrative center of Swat valley which overture wonderful amenities to its explorers. The place includes an old tomb of saidu sharif, a royal palace, Swat’s museum and other Archeological sites for the visitors.

Mahodand lake:

Go to the Mahodand lake of Swat district. This is a glacial alpine lake that is placed in the Usho valley of Swat. The immense Hindu Kash peaks and the green meadows provide a heavenly view to the tourists. Enormous people come to see this lake in mid-summer because the lake gets a freeze in winters. The next spot is the Malam Jabba region.

Malam Jabba:

is also known as the skier’s paradise because of breathtaking views. Malam Jabba resorts are serving as the most facilitated resorts of Pakistan with undeniable hospitality. Moreover, the roads at Malam Jabba are quite dangerous and thrilling for the adventurous. The best thing about Swat is that the hotel rooms are available on low rates. If you have limited Budget and want to spend your Holidays at a beautiful site, Tourmypakistan recommends you to visit Swat, Kalam, Malam Jabba. 

So, What are you waiting for. Book your swat tour packages with us to enjoy the beauty of swat in true sense.