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Azad Kashmir
People who love Natural Beauty must visit this Neelum valley
Beautiful Azad Neelum Valley
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Azad kashmir in Winters
Winters makes Azad Kashmir more beautiful, Everyone should visit Neelum valley with their Families
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Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Tour Packages

Honeymoon Tour to Neelum Valley

3 Days 2 Nights Tour
36000 Only
  • Corolla Xli Car
  • Standard rooms
  • Visit MZD/Pir chinasi/Kashmir

Neelum Valley AJK Honeymoon Tour

4 Days 3 Nights Tour
46000 Only
  • Corolla Xli Car
  • Standard room
  • Visit MZD/Neelum Valley and More

Neelum Valley Honeymoon Tour

5 Days 4 Nights Tour
59000 Only
  • Corolla Xli Car
  • Standard Rooms
  • Visit Kel/Arang Kel/Neelum/MZD and More

Ratti Gali Lake Neelum Valley Tour

6 Days Honeymoon Tour
74000 Only
  • Corolla Xli
  • Standard Rooms
  • Visit Ratti gali Lake/Neelum/MZD and More

Azad Kashmir and Naran kaghan Tour

7 Days Honeymoon Tour
84000 Only
  • Corolla Xli Car
  • Standard Rooms
  • VIsit Azad Kashmir/Naran kaghan and More

Azad kashmir and Abbottabad Tour

4 Days Honeymoon Tour
49000 Only
  • Corolla Car
  • Standard rooms
  • Visit Abbottabad/Neelum Valley and More

Family Tour to Neelum Valley

3 Days 2 Nights Tour Package
39000 Only
  • Corolla Car
  • Standard Rooms
  • Visit Muzzafarabad/Neelum and More

Sharda and Kel Family Tour

5 Days 4 Nights Tour Package
64000 Only
  • Corolla Car
  • Standard Rooms
  • Visit Kel/Arang kel/Sharda/Neelum and More

Tour to Arang Kel and Neelum Valley

5 Days Honeymoon Tour
64000 Only
  • Corolla Car
  • Standard Rooms
  • Visit arang kel/Neelum and More

Neelum Valley and Swat Honeymoon Tour

10 Days Honeymoon Tour
125000 Only
  • Corolla Xli Car
  • Standard Rooms
  • Visit Neelum/MZD/Swat/Malam Jabba/Kalam and More

Neelum Valley "A heaven on earth"


The land of saints and the heaven on earth welcome you to get yourself acquainted with the world’s natural beauty and landscape. If you want to see the beautiful green valleys, high snow-covered mountains, freshwater streams, majestic lakes, and beautiful wooden houses and bonfire, Kashmir must be on the top of the list and go for the best Azad Kashmir Packages.Travelling is one of the most exhilarating parts of your life. It’s not just about sipping margaritas, sitting on sun-soaked beaches but is much more than that. Road trips are always good for your physical well being and are best at freshening your mind. Whenever you hear the word travel, what’s the instant thing that comes to your mind?

Most probably, to collect the reminiscences with your loved ones. Pakistan has got a culture rich in heritage and refined sightseeing places. The Neelum valley is one of a kind. Its locality starts 43 km from Muzaffarabad which offers the striking scenic views of the Tarai Mountains; the cliffs of Himalaya. The Valley’s capital ‘Muzaffarabad’ has got its name from Sultan Muzaffar khan who was the departed ruler of the Bomba Dynasty. This valley is called the paradise of Kashmir, which consolidates heavenly ravishing landscapes.

Sharda being the oldest visiting spot among the excursionists, incorporates lush green plains, an incredible traditional lifestyle, and customs of an ancient civilization. Makhni, methi gosht, harissa, palak paneer, and Balti gosht are the specialty of Muzaffarabad city. Apart from the alluring views of Sharda, Neelum Valley encounters many other honeymoon destinations like the Upper Neelam Valley, The Pir chinasi, Keran kuttan, Kel and arangkel, Taobat and The Ratti gali lake. All of these traveling spots endeavors exquisite beauty and eternal peace.

Both Taobat and Ratti gali Lake are the places you won’t anguish visiting. Taobat valley lies in a location from where the Neelum River enters Pakistan. It’s worth seeing. The minister of Jammu and Kashmir is taking steps to facilitate tourism at AJK.  Neelum Valley is undoubtedly Pakistan’s blue gem.

AJK’s Valley is a perfect honeymoon destination for the newlywed couples. If you ever plan to explore the beautiful scenic views of Pakistan, never forget to visit these mesmerizing honeymoon spots.

Another Place to visit in Summer Holidays is Naran Kaghan Valley. Checkout our Honeymoon and Family Packages and Choose the package your want to confirm.

Why choose Kashmir?

Fertile land, scenic mountain valleys, meadows, and hospitable people are the reason for choosing Kashmir for traveling. Moreover, its climate variation and the tropical combination from arctic to tropical make it the best tourist destination for local as well as a foreign tourist throughout the year.

Best places to visit in Kashmir

Here’s the quick list of best places to visit in Kashmir:

  • Neelum valley
  • Banjosa Lake
  • Arang Kel
  • Ratti Gali
  • Rawalakot
  • Jhelum Valley
  • Ramkot Fort
  • Pir Chinasi

Neelum valley

Among all the tourist destinations in Kashmir, Neelum Valley is ranked at the first number. This is one of the magnificent gifts of the almighty Allah that we are blessed with such a beautiful valley. It has many small towns, mountains, trekking drags, lakes and mountain passes.

Banjosa Lake

If you are around Rawalakot and skipped this lake, you have probably missed the very essential and scenic part of Azad Kashmir. This beautiful lake is saturated in the shades of red and golden brown.

Arang Kel

Arang Kel is a lovely place to be visited time and again. Zigzag hiking, thrilling cable car, a million-dollar view, worth seeing sights, misty mornings and the rosy sunsets all define the beauty of this beautiful place.

Ratti Gali

Ratti Gali is also called the mother of lakes filled with serenity, landscape, grandeur and color like no other. It is located in the Neelum valley and surrounded by the glacier waters of the high mountains.


This beautiful place is surrounded by the Pir Panjal Range and also called pearl valley. Rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering paragliding, and water-based adventure tourism are the most favorite activities of the tourist here.

Jhelum Valley

The beautiful valley is surrounded by lush green mountains. The main tourist attractions here include Chinari, Garhi Dupatta, Chakoti, Chinari, Chikkar, And Awan Patti.

Ramkot Fort

In the beautiful valleys and mountains of Kashmir, an ancient fort lies beside the Mangla Dam. It is surrounded by water and situated at the top of the hill. It has some main features that are keenly observed like wells inside.

Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi is a peak in Muzaffarabad city at the elevation of 2900 meters. No doubt, this is a very beautiful place with green valleys, forests, and scenic views. This peak gained a lot of fame for saint Pir Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari’s Mazar known as Pir Chinasi.

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If you want to visit Gilgit Hunza Valley which is 317 Km from Naran Valley, you can go through the package details so that you can have more options before finalizing your Tour Package.