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Toyota Grand Cabin

 15,000 / PER DAY

Toyota Grand Cabin

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 15,000 / day

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Are you gearing up for an amazing group expedition in Pakistan and need a spacious and comfy vehicle to accommodate all your fellow travelers? Look no further! TourMyPakistan is excited to offer the Toyota Grand Cabin, a fourteen-seater vehicle, at a fantastic rate of just 15,000 PKR per day.
What Makes It Special:

1. Roomy Seating:
The Toyota Grand Cabin is here to make your journey cozy and hassle-free. With ample seating for up to fourteen passengers, you can hit the road without any space concerns. This generous vehicle ensures that everyone can travel together, fostering unforgettable experiences with friends and family.
2. Cool Comfort:
Stay cool and relaxed during your travels with the Grand Cabin's effective air-conditioning system. No matter the weather outside, you'll remain comfortable inside the vehicle, ensuring year-round travel enjoyment.
3. Entertainment:
Say goodbye to boredom with the built-in entertainment system. Enjoy music, videos, or any other media to make the journey even more entertaining.
4. Space for Your Gear:
Bringing luggage and equipment along? The Toyota Grand Cabin offers sufficient space to accommodate your belongings, so you can travel with all your essentials.
5. Comfy Seating:
The Grand Cabin's comfortable seats guarantee a smooth and pleasant ride, whether you're cruising along scenic coastal highways or navigating winding mountain roads.
6. Well-Maintained:
At TourMyPakistan, we take great care in keeping our vehicles in tip-top condition, ensuring that you can embark on your adventure with complete peace of mind.
Rental Rate: 15,000 PKR per day
Booking the Toyota Grand Cabin:
Reserving this incredible vehicle is a breeze with TourMyPakistan. Simply reach out to our friendly team via phone, WhatsApp, or email, and we'll guide you in securing the Toyota Grand Cabin for your upcoming journey.
Don't miss the opportunity to explore Pakistan with your entire group in style and comfort. The Toyota Grand Cabin is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. Book today and set off on an epic journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Pakistan. Let the exploration commence!

  • Seating Capacity : 14
  • Fuel Effeciuency: 12km/L
  • Air Conditioner /Heater
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
Freequently Asked Questions

1. How many passengers can the Toyota Grand Cabin accommodate?

The Toyota Grand Cabin can comfortably seat up to fourteen passengers, making it an ideal choice for group travel.

2. Is there a mileage limit for the rental?

No, there is no mileage limit. You can travel as far as you like without worrying about additional charges for mileage.

3. Is the Toyota Grand Cabin equipped with air conditioning?

Yes, the Grand Cabin comes with an efficient air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable during your journey, regardless of the weather.

4. Can I bring my own entertainment, like music or movies, to play in the vehicle?

Absolutely! The Grand Cabin features an entertainment system that allows you to play your own music or videos to make your journey more enjoyable.

5. How much luggage space is available in the Grand Cabin?

The vehicle provides ample space for luggage and gear, ensuring you have room for all your belongings during your travels.

6. Is there a minimum rental period for the Toyota Grand Cabin?

The minimum rental period is typically one day, but we can discuss longer-term rentals to accommodate your specific travel plans.

7. Can I book the Toyota Grand Cabin for out-of-town trips or tours across Pakistan?

Yes, you can book the Grand Cabin for both local and out-of-town trips, making it an excellent choice for exploring all that Pakistan has to offer.

8. Is there a driver included with the rental, or can I drive the vehicle myself?

We offer both options. You can choose to drive the Grand Cabin yourself or hire one of our experienced drivers for your convenience.

9. What is the process for booking the Toyota Grand Cabin?

To book the Grand Cabin, simply add to cart from this page or get in touch with our team via phone, WhatsApp, or email. We will assist you in securing the vehicle for your upcoming journey.

10. Are there any specific terms and conditions I should be aware of when renting the Toyota Grand Cabin?

Yes, we have specific terms and conditions for vehicle rentals. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information when you inquire about booking the Grand Cabin.