Peshawar Tour Packages

Peshawar Tour Packages

The city of flowers welcomes you to its old heritage. Peshawar is the biggest and prosperous city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is also known as the economic and cultural hub of the province.  People love traveling in this city because of its oldest heritage, almost 539 BC old and its food and cuisine.

Why choose Peshawar?

Despite some of the dangerous incidents that happened here in the past, it is now the safest city to travel. The old buildings of Mughal and Victorian era are the main reason for the tourist attraction.So, this winter, do not forget to search for the best Peshawar tour packages and explore the entire city.

Best places to visit in Peshawar

Here is the quick recap of best places to visit in peshawar:

  • Smugglers Bazaar
  • Peshawar Museum
  • Mahabat khan Mosque
  • Qissa Khwani Bazaar
  • Ghor Kharri
  • Cunningham Clock Tower

Smugglers Bazaar

This bazaar is the pure tourist attraction as it thrives the sale of goods openly imported from Pakistan. From cut prices electronics to stationery and clothes, everything is available here at amazingly cheap prices.

Peshawar Museum

As we know about Peshawar’s oldest cultural and traditional heritage. This museum is the symbol of the Victorian, Mughal-Gothic Dynasty. This museum has the largest collection of Gandharan art all over the world.

Mahabat Khan Mosque

One of the finest mosques of the city that is situated on the west of Chowk Yadgar. Tourists used to get amazed by the lavish tiled interior and the view of minarets and plaza.

Qissa Khwani Bazaar

The most famous bazaar of Peshawar is also known as the old street of storytellers Because of the history of swapping the tales among traders and travelers. This bazaar contains all the spices and teas of the world.

Ghor Khatri

Ghor Khatri is the main tourist attraction because of its old construction. It is a mansion that was built in Mughal times, now contains an old Hindu temple and archeological excavations that show the city’s history. 

Cunningham Clock Tower

The beautiful four-tiered Cunningham Clock Tower was built to remember Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. This tower is the main reason for attracting travelers.

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